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Individual and Group

Ready to book an appointment? Want more information about our psychotherapists and counsellors? See a list of our psychotherapists and counsellors below. Beside each clinician's name is their title, fee and type of therapy offered. You can also click on each clinician's name to acess a pop-out Information Sheet that offers a mini-bio about each clinician and more information about how we work in therapy and counselling here at GADS.

The fees below are for SELF-REFERRING clients. If you are a business/organisation/agency looking to access our services, please see the fees noted in the Professsional Services section below.

All Assessment Sessions must be paid for, via BACS, in advance of your first appointment. Further sessions must be paid for in advance of the next session, via cash, BACS or card (where applicable). The prices below are for a single 50-minute appointment. Longer sessions (1 hour 25 minutes minutes and 1 hour 40 minutes) can be arranged too. 

ASSESSMENT SESSION FEE (First Appointment, except Alexandra, Jenny, Rewind, CBT-T, Couples Therapy, SST, Coaching): £75 (50 minutes)
ASSESSMENT SESSION FEE ALEXANDRA (First Appointment): £110 (50 minutes)
OTHER THERAPIES (Rewind, Couples Therapy, Dietetics, Coaching, SST, Consultations): see Fees below

Lead/Senior Psychotherapist
(accredited and fully qualified)

CBT Therapy

Integrative Psychotherapy
General/Humanistic Counselling

Single Session Therapy (SST)

Stress Managment Therapy/Coaching

Existential/Exploratory Therapy

Clinical Supervision

In-Person Appointments

Individual : £87/session
CBT-T-ED: £1200 for 10-week program

Single Session Therapy: £210 (total 2 hours)

Dietitian and Nutrition Services

Online Appointments

(experienced and fully qualified)

Dietetic Assessment: £150 (90 minutes)

Follow-Up Appointments: £98 (50 minutes)

CBT Therapy
Integrative Psychotherapy
General/Humanistic Counselling

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

Online, Phone, IM

Individual: £63/session

(experienced and fully qualified)

EAP/Insurance & Company

Funded Appointments

Appointments funded by EAP, Insurance or other companies are charged higher rates due to reports and extra adminstration. Please see rates below. If Cigna funded, rates are higher as we have an arranged rate with them.

See fees below

CBT Therapy
Integrative Psychotherapy
General/Humanistic Counselling

Couples Counselling

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Solution Focused Brief Therapy

In-Person , Online, Phone, IM

Individual: £68/session

Couples: £98/session per couple

CBT-T-ED: £1000 for 10-week program

Advanced Therapist/Counsellor
(experienced and fully qualified)

CBT Therapy
Integrative Psychotherapy
General Counselling

In-Person, Online, Phone, IM

Advanced & Accredited Therapist/Counsellor
(experienced and fully qualified)

Individual: £68/session

CBT Therapy
General Counselling

In-Person Appointments

Individual: £63/session

CBT Therapist & Counsellor
fully qualified and newly qualified)

Group Therapy

Group Therapy is based on 6 individual clients attending. Groups run when there is a demand for these.

£50 per person, per 2-hour group

CBT Therapy
Integrative Psychotherapy
General Counselling


In-Person Appointments

Therapist/Counsellor & Coach
(experienced and fully qualified)

Individual: £63/session

Coaching: £tbc

 CBT Therapy

Integrative Psychotherapy
Rewind Trauma Therapy
General Counselling

Life Coaching

In-Person & Online Appointments

Therapist/Counsellor and Coach
(experienced and fully qualified)

Individual: £63/session

Rewind: £330 for 3 x 1-hour sessions

Pre-First Appointment Consultation
(with Therapist/Counsellor of your choice)

You can book a consultation and talk to a therapist before deciding on whether to book an Assessment Session or go ahead with therapy. Parents/families often book these if they have a child who will be attending therapy.

All Appointments: £175/session (1.5 hours)

Support Groups & Self-Help Groups

1.5 hours per group session

Please check the Blog section above to find out what's on or email for more information.

price available upon request

Professional Services


various prices/as advertised

Professional Consultations

£250-£350 per hour

Clinical Supervision

£60 per 50-minute session


Available on a pay-as-you go basis or via SLA basis. See Staff Support Services section for more information. Cigna-funded clients have a separate fee. Rewind , SST and Couples have a separate fee (ask for details)

EAP/Rehabilitation/Staff Support & Counselling Services

Professional Memberships

(Eating Disorder Therapists  Networking Group /The Therapist & Counsellors Club)

free for 2022
£25/year thereafter

Clinical Supervision
(Group - 5-6 supervisees)

£30 per 2-hour group based on 5-6 attending)

Psychotherapy, Counselling & Mental Health Assessments & Reports

Psychological Assessment (1.5 hours): £350 (with report)
Psychological Report Only:  £200
Basic Letter: £25
Detailed Letter (up to 3 pages): £65

Therapy/Counselling/Consulting &

Meeting/Training Room Hire

Therapy/Counselling/Consulting Room Hire: £14/hour

Training/Meeting Room Hire: £20-£30/hour

£70/hour (individuals)

£295 per 2-hour  (based on a maximum of 6 attending) Group Supervision and Support

Clinical Supervision
(other organisations)

What does your fee above include?


All one-to-one psychotherapy, counselling, coaching and clinical supervision appointments include the following mandatory costs to be covered in the fee you pay: room hire; clinical supervision (1:12); handouts/workbooks; continuing professional development; professional public liability insurance; professional memberships and your therapist's fee.


If there are any other prices or services you would like more information about, please feel free to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you!